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Ngorongoro Conservation Area Biking/Hiking from: US$ 85 p/p

Nature lovers will want to consider a bike and walk in the Ngorongoro Forest Highlands. With a guide, you’ll learn about medicinal plants, view a number of bird species, watch waterfalls tumble down a cliff and see the elephant caves. If you are lucky, you may also see a number of animals who live in the forest such as elephants, buffalo, baboons, and various reptiles. The so-called elephant caves are where elephants as well as a number of other species come to extract salt and other minerals from the soil. Remember that while your chances of seeing a buffalo or elephants aren’t high these animals walk these same paths every day. Later go back to Karatu.


  • 85 $ per person (1 person)
  • 70 $ per person (2 -3 people)
  • 60$ per person (4 people+)

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