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Trail Run around Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara from:

Trail run around Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara Itinerery

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Day 1: Arrive at Kilimajaro Airport
Welome at airport and transfer to Arusha

  • Accomodation:-The lodge Tellamande (Double Room)

Day 2.Running trail from Makuyuni village to Mtowambu
We  take a minivan to Makuyuni vallage 23 km to Mtowambu  will start running from Makuyuni  to mto wa mbu (Mosquito River in Swahili),  mto wa mbu is a unique village situated on the road to the national parks in Northern Tanzania. Mto wa Mbu is unique due to its ethnic diversity, where over 120 different ethnic groups are currently residing in the same small  mto wa mbu  You can visit a banana beer pub run by a Chagga family, Sandawe people making traditional bow and arrows, as well as find Maasai warriors grazing their cattle in the surrounding pastures on the way to mto wa mbu.

  • Accommodation-   Twiga campsite (hut)- Single  Room              
  • Meals -All meals included
  • Number of km run: 20km
  • Elevation +: 530 m
  • Elevation -: 760 m

Day 3. Lake Manyara Running Trail
From Twiga campsite where you start running your way to Lake Manyara, alongside the park (not directly inside). Many animals can be seen on the way though such as wildbeest, zebra, giraffe, baboons and many bird species. Later drive back from Mto wa Mbu to Karatu (Jambo Rooms).

  • Accomodation: Jambo Rooms (Budget Hotel)-Double Room
  • Meals-All meals included
  • Number of km run:  21km
  • Elevation +: 580 m
  • Elevation -: 800 m

Day 4.Karatu country run to lake and mountain
This day we will be running to a peaceful country side this Karatu country runn is a nice touch to get a taste of real Tanzania. Start in town and work your way down to the Karatu lake, walk further to the mountain. Once you reach the top of the mountain you will be surprised of the breathtaking view around. On the way you can see and visit local families and see the way of their life. Overnight at Jambo Rooms

  • Accomodation – Jambo Rooms (Budget Hotel)-Double Room
  • Meals - All meals included
  • Number of km run: 22km
  • Elevation +: 620 m
  • Elevation -: 882 m

Day 5 .Ngorongoro Conservation Area Running Trail and Hiking
From Jambo Rooms, Karatu make your way to Ngorongoro Conservation Area, running your way and hiking through the nature. Go to a waterfall, visi Iraq tribe and explore the magnificent elephant caves. Zebra, wildbeest easily seen on the way, elephants, baboons and other small animals. Later go back to Karatu.

  • Accomodation - Jambo Rooms (Budget Hotel) Double Room
  • Meals - All meals included
  • Number of km run:22 km
  • Elevation +: 700m
  • Elevation -: 1002 m

Day 6. Running Trail to  Coffee Plantation (border of Ngorongoro)
From Karatu you will be running to a quiet, relaxing place, Coffee Plantation Resthouse is the place to spend a peaceful day. until you reach the Coffee Resthouse which is located on the borders of Ngorongoro Conservation Area. On site you will be able to see the coffee planations, learn about how its made. Avocado trees and other vegetable plantations also on site. Nearby you can walk to see the local families living the true African way. Possibility to see elephants in distant forest. Overnight coffee Rest House

  • Accomodation - Coffee Rest house – (Midrange Hotel) - Double Room
  • Meals - All meals included
  • Number of km run: 21km
  • Elevation +: 564 m
  • Elevation -: 785 m

Day 7.Running  Trail Close to  Hadzabe and Datoga
Start from coffee rest house very early morning. We will run to the Hadzabe Tribe gate live in the dry terrain near Lake Eyasi, south of Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania. They have existed in this region for over 3000 years. The Hadzabe people are nomads and thus don’t live in the same place for long. They only set up camp for several days or even months and then when they have harvested the resources of their current location, they move to another area. Their moves are normally influenced by climate changes and the availability of wild fruits and vegetation for their animals. They build homes by weaving small huts out of sticks from the euphorbia bush. The Hadzabe use bows, arrows and spears to hunt for food. They eat roots, meat, wild fruits and use alternative medicine to treat their illnesses. They utilize sticks and grass to start fires. Their unique lifestyle makes a stay with them an interesting and stimulating experience. Drive back to Karatu in afternoon.

  • Accomodation - Jambo Rooms (Budget Hotel) - Double Room
  • Meals – All meals included
  • Number of km run: 22km
  • Elevation +: 510 m
  • Elevation -: 720m

Day 8. Eco-friendly trail running
This day we will start running from Karatu to the remote area village and we will go all the way to Gekumu Rambo primary school and we will spend some time at the school to plant some trees at the school late we will get lunch with children after lunch we will play with children and then go back to Karatu and overnight at our hotel

  • Coffee Rest house - Cultural Life Tanzania (Budget Hotel) - Double Room
  • Meals – All Meals included
  • Number of km run: 19km
  • Elevation +: 507m
  • Elevation -: 710 m

Day 9. Departure day
Transfer to the airport at any  time convenient for you to take your flight back home.

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